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Anti- Semitic - Ultra rare Slovak version of the infamous anti-Semitic booklet "Der Untermensch"!!!

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We offer for sale this ultra rare Slovak version of "Der Untermensch" (the subhuman), one of the most infamous publications that the SS publishing house ever published by specific order of Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler. This version of "Der Untermensch" completely written in Slovakian, is the first one we come across in our life, so considering that "Der Untermensch" is very rare, this one is even rarer. Overall condition is not very good  and someone used type , considering it's more than 70 year-old booklet. All pages are present and some of the pictures are gruesome, depicting the nasty idea of the Nazis, that there were people that were subhuman compared to Aryans and other races. Infamous, anti-Semitic and depraved propaganda!

NOTE: We have also for sale in our web the German language version of "Der Untermensch". Check it!