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Aswesome and ultra rare item! An original named cap used by a Polish inmate during his imprisonment in KL Auschwitz!! It comes with token with his camp number.

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We offer the chance to get one of those ultra rare and 100% original items used by a Polish inmate, completely researched and who was prisoner in KL Auschwitz! This cap, in worn condition and made from legit winter striped fabric, with complete liner has also a small metal and engraved token attached to it, with the camp number this man was given when he arrived in Auschwitz concentration camp. This token has the number 11687, that is also written on the cap. This cap belonged to this prisoner:

Name: Wilczura, Ludwik (prisoner number: 11687)
Date of birth: 1908-07-10
Place of birth: Glewiec
Profession: clerk
Fate: 1. 1941-04-05, Auschwitz, arrived to camp

Caps like this, coming directly from family are very scarce and as always we give you the complete guarantee of 3reich-collector shop that you are buying a genuine garment that belonged to a prisoner of KL Auschwitz.