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Big set to an SS-Untersturmführer who was later prisoner of war

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We offer for sale this nice set of documents and photos that belonged to Oskar Lohmnann, an SS member who had the rank of SS-Untersturmführer. This set comprises:

-His Wehrpass issued in 1939, before he joined the SS. Not many entries but in very good condition with photo.
-A postcard size portrait photo of Oskar Lohmann in SS uniform. Skull and SS eagle perfectly visible. In this photo he owned the rank of SS-Untersturmführer.
-Documents of Oskar regarding his imprisonment as prisoner of war in the British zone. These documents are: post war international certificate with photo, post-war German identity card issued by liberation troops in canvas,

- A release document with photo dated 1948, about his liberation from internment camp for POWs. Document issued by liberation troops.

-After war document with some stamps about Polizei district

-A money loan document issued in 1939

-After-war prison visits' certificate card

-1943 dated calendar with period publicity on the reverse

-A rare document of a re-educational camp

-Hand written letter with pencil

-German document for Denazification issued in English

-1943 canvas made driving license, with photo and many stamps

-A letter sent from POW camp to family

-Wehrmacht notice document
-Some blurry machines typed documents
-One photo of Oskar holding prisoner number during mug shot session
-2 photos that seem to be during an SS parade or ceremony where the oath to SS was done. Big SS flags can be seen. High quality photos. We suppose Oskar was there that day, when he enrolled the ss.