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Great set of tunic and visor cap of a Wehrmacht artillery Lieutenant 5th regiment fought in Russia

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Very nice set consisting of a Wehrmacht artillery Lieutenant tunic and visor cap. Tunic is an m36 model, taylored and with high quality finish. Tunic has some minor mothing or damage to the collar but overall condition is very good. On the artillery shoulderstraps for Leutnant with red piping we can see the cypher "5" for the 5th regiment that fought in Russia and also some clips on the left pocket, allegedly for an assault badge and for a Wounded badge. This tunic saw action for sure. On the right breast we can see an officer alluminum bullion embroidered eagle in perfect condition.

As for the visor cap, it's also an artillery officer's cap with red piping and aluminum insignia (cockade and eagle). Inside it's readable the maker of the cap. Condition is really good, with use and it matches perfectly the tunic.

Very nice set for any Wehrmacht militaria collector!