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Holocaust - Jewish - Awesome cut and unused condition JUDE Star of David!

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We offer for sale this amazing item: a genuine yellow Star of David in its JUDE version, like those used by Polish and German Jews during the III Reich Period, so that they could be identified and persecuted by Nazi authorities. This infamous sign has become one of the saddest and most powerful icons of last centuries when it comes to racial and religious persecution, and of course the most famous emblem that identifies the Holocaust, the extermination of the Jews in Europe. This one is unworn condition, with all the legit details that confirm the authenticity of the star (weaving, printing, etc). This particular example was cut from a sheet and folded the same way they were folded to stitch to the clothes of the Jews. We found it this way, so we are sure it was period cut and folded but it was never used.

Stars like this are rare to find in guaranteed original condition. Don't miss the chance to get such a piece that we can only see in museums and in the best private collections all over the world!