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Holocaust - Jewish - Jude - Juif - Utra rare French version of the Jew star of David with provenance information!

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We offer for sale first time this magnificent example of the ultra rare Jewish star of David in its French version, used to identify the Jews from France. These are amongst the rarest and this is a unique chance to get one example in such a used condition, that is is even more attractive! This one has also an extra information attached to it, since we have information of the provenance we got from previous seller. The information we were given was that it belonged to a German woman that had 4 children in the war. Her sons sent her all kind of war "souvenirs", with which she made a scrapbook or souvenirbook between 1941-45. Her name was Eva Krauss and she was very active in selling those war bonds.

This star uses te legit fabric for period David stars and it has the edges bended to stitch to items of clothing for its use.

Don't miss the chance!