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KL Auschwitz - Birkenau - Mega rare set after nurse and victim pseudomedical experiments from Birkenau - High Red Cross medal Florence Nightingale with her name !

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Outstanding and named set of a Polish inmate women Maria Zakrzewska she "work " like was nurse in Birkenau and was made for her pseudomedical experiments !

The set consists of: 

- two letters sent from Birkenau to her mother and you can see she was in Frauenlager so this is mean she was in women camp in Birkenau !

- the highest decoration order from International Red Cross cased Florence Nightingale with miniature (both very rare) made in silver with her name graving on the back side

- awards grouping to meny her medals

All is perfect condition and set like this is very unique . Just single order with not very good condition and without miniature sold few years ago for 2600 $ here is big set and all perfect condition and prof of her imprisonment in KL Auschwitz - Birkenau !

You can see more info about her and such rare order from Red cross !


Completed school:

6-month course of the PCK sisters of ambulance service in Lublin. State examination in Warsaw in 1938.
Social work and merit:

She started her work at the First Military District Hospital in Warsaw. In September 1939. addressed to the Military Hospital in Modlin. After capitulation of Poland , she is given a partisan unit. From 1940. She is the instructor of conspiracy sanitary training in Warsaw. In 1942. She was arrested and imprisoned in Pawiak, later deported to Auschwitz, where she worked in a hospital barrack (until January 1945). Subjected to pseudomedical experiments. After the liberation of the Branch in the First Military District Hospital. From 1949. she worked in open treatment in Śródmieście in Warsaw.


Silver Cross of the Military Order of Virtuti Militari

Grunwald Badge
Medal of Victory and Freedom 1945
Medal of Florence Nightingale 1977

and few more we have award in this set.

More info about her ( but unfortunatley only Polish version ) and about this very rare medal !



http://www.wmpp.org.pl/pl/galeria-medalistek/77-medalistki/173-maria-zak... ZAKRZEWSKA 1910