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Outstanding and named set of a Polish inmate who survived 3 concentration camps, including Auschwitz!

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Outstanding and named set of a Polish inmate who survived 3 concentration camps, including Auschwitz!

We offer for sale this impressive set of a researched inmate. It comprises his striped jacket, documents, red winkel and number patch from Buchenwald and mug shot of the inmate.
Jan Gnypek, that was the name of this Polish man, was arrested by the Gestapo because he was accused of murdering a German informer. Therefore he was taken to a Lublin prison in Poland. After this, he was taken to Auschwitz concentration camp, Mauthausen and finally to Buchenwald. He was given number 369 in KL Buchenwald, and this is the patch that is included in the set. The uniform doesn't have the patches sewn to it because this guy used those patches in annual meetings of former camp inmates, to attach them to other uniforms.

The jacket is the legit inmate jacket for summer, the Dachau pattern with white and blue stripes. Condition of this jacket is really good, but it must be said that it was washed with some kind of abrasive detergent when the inmate arrived home, and blue colour turned into a lighter blue. Family deloused it because it stinked. That's the information we got from direct relatives of this man, from whom we got this set. However we can say that the overall condition of the jacket is really good and that detergent gave it a more worn-condition patina.
Documents are in Polish and German, one about his 4 years in different camps and another one from a Luftwaffen Lazarett Gauting, a Kontrollkarte of the Kantinen administration.

It must be said that this mug shot was issued by Auschwitz museum, so it's a modern copy of the archives. It depicts the inmate during his time in Auschwitz.

We are talking about a genuine museum set, fully researched and with name, which gives it more value and it represents a great piece of history of the Holocaust and Nazi concentration camp systems. Don't miss the chance to get it!