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Outstanding anti-Semitic "Juden unerwünscht" enamelled metal sign used to dissuade the Jews from entrering places during III Reich

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Outstanding anti-Semitic "Juden unerwünscht" enameled metal sign used to dissuade the Jews from entering places during III Reich. This metal sign is big and heavy ad it has an almost complete enamel, with minor damage to the edges, and it shows a Swastika and the legend "Juden unerwünscht" (Jews unwelcome). Metal plaques and signs like this one and many other variations could be found all over the III Reich, banning the entrance of the Jews to shops and other public places or just making it clear that they weren't welcome. It was a powerful anti-Semitic tool used during the III Reich period against the Jews. These plaques are very rare to find since most of them were destroyed after the end of the III Reich and the defeat of Germany during the WW2.Similar example of panel is shown in the book  "A glimpse of Evil". Size 11 3/4 inch length 4 inches width   . Excellent museum piece!