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Polish POW portrait made on thick paper using watercolor technique - 1942

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Polish portrait of a prisoner of war made in 1942. On thick paper using a watercolor technique during imprisonment. We do not know whether it was a self-portrait or was made by a comrade during his stay in a prisoner-of-war camp. It's high quality and has a very nice technique. He has the censorship of the POW camp. The soldier in this picture appears in his Polish military uniform. Oflag X-C was a German POW camp of the Second World War for officers (Offizierlager) in Lübeck in northern Germany. The camp was on the corner of Friedhofsallee and Vorwerkstrasse, near the border with Lübeck with the city of Schwartau (now Bad Schwartau), and is often cited as being located in Schwartau than in Lübeck.

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