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Rare photo of the Ghetto of Łuków in Poland

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Rare photo of the Ghetto of Łuków in Poland, where some Jews can be seen walking in the street. This photo is printed in Velox paper, and it's written on the reverse with the year of the shot, 1939. Very good condition.

World War II led to the total extermination of the Jewish community in Łuków. Before this happened the town was a stopover on the way to the gas chambers for thousands of Jews from the neighboring villages, many Polish towns, and even from other countries. In December 1939 more than 2,500 Jews from Serock, Nasielsk and Suwałki were displaced to Łuków, a year later almost 1000 Jews from Mława, and in May 1942 more than 2,000 Jews from Slovakia.