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Super huge set of documents to a young boy from HJ leter soldier of the Wehrmacht later prisoner of war in Canada and of his father!

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We offer for sale one of the biggest sets of documents to the same person we have ever had for sale in our web. ALL the documents are in perfect condition, and they register the whole military life of this young boy born in 1918 as Hans Hofmann in Rüstringen, Germany. This set comprises dozens of documents that we are listing now:

- Wehrmacht Soldbuch, very rare because it doesn't come with photo and has very few entries, and no ink stamps with the eagle.

- SA organisation exams' booklet, filled in with different results in different tests and exams, with his photo in Hitlerjugend uniform.

- SA small size card - certificate for winning the SA badge in Bronze in 1937, with his photo in civilian cloths and a beautiful dry stamp of the SA sports badge.

- Hitlerjugend membership temporary card with photo of Hans and stamps for 1934-1936 seasons issued in 1933

- Deutsche Jugendherberge membership card for 1935 season. DJH was an association of mountain refuges for German youth. It also comes with photo. Many ink stamps with refugees in different places of the III Reich.

- Membership card for Gymnastics club in Wilhelmshaven for season 1936/37 with all the monthly fees paid

- Certificate of the OKW telling his father that his son, that was prisoner in Canada at the moment was promoted to Obergefreiter.

- Many handwritten documents with less importance

- Some papers of Hans' father regarding his duty as marine volunteer in Wilhelmshaven

- Letter sent to this solider by the consulate of Switzerland telling this man that they received his application for matriculation in a German university there. Dated 1945.

- An example of rare Deutsche Rotes Kreuz post paper for German POWs in England prisoner camps.

- A letter sent to Hans' father Johann, who was volunteer in German Marine in Wilhelmshaven

- A letter from DRK sent to Hans' father telling about the fact that he sent some packets with tobacco, sweets, etc. to his son that was prisoner in England dated 1942

- A handwritten letter by Hans Hofmann dated 1935

- Membership ID card for Hans Hofmann of the Jungstahlhelm Jungkameradschaft dated 1933

- Letter sent to Adolf Hofmann (uncle or grandfather of Hans?) who was marine engineer in Wilhelmshaven answering him about the recommendation for Hans doing a training in Ship construction and ship machinery

- Denazification documents of the US army for Johannes Hofmann

- Post war 1958 and 1963 Olympia-Ehrenzeichen diplomas to Hans Hofmann in silver and bronze

- Document to Johannes Hofmann from Inspection of the education system of the marine

- Many different documents, letters, certificates and cards from Adolf, Johann and Hans Hofann, some post war. Also sports certificates and POW letters from Hans.

As you can see a huge set. Not often seen such a complete document set that preserves so many documents to a family.