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Ultra rare buckle of the "Black Front" German fascist organization 1930-1933

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Ultra rare buckle of the "Black Front" German fascist organization. This organization, known as the Combat League of Revolutionary National Socialists (KGNRS) was founded by Otto Strasser, a former member of the NSDAP that was expelled from this party in 1930 due to his opposition to Adolf Hitler. Otto Strasser was a convinced anti-capitalist, and some other radical former members of the NSDAP went with him when he left the Nazi party. The symbol of the party was a crossed hammer and sword. When Hitler rose to power, the party was persecuted and forbidden and Strasser had to exiliate to Canada. His brother Gregor Strasser was assassinated during the Night of the Long Knives, in 1934.

This is an original buckle made from brass used by those members that during the short existence of this organization wore. Rare and in very good condition.