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Very rare set of 3 documents of 2 Polish brothers that were imprisoned in KL Dachau: letter and 2 camp parcel delivery receipts!

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Rare set that consists of a letter sent by KL Dachau Polish inmate Stanislaw Smolarek to his wife in Litzmannstadt, and 2 rare receipts one to Stanislaw Smolarek and the other one to his brother Georg Smolarek. These receipts are confirmation of having received parcels from outside the camp with food, tobacco and items for personal hygiene, sent by relatives. Both receipts or certificates are signed by SS- Hauptscharführer and they both have ink stamp of Konzentrationslager Dachau Kommandantur. Both parcels were received by inmates in December. Letter is also fully written and complete, and it has censorship stamp. It was sent in 1943. Condition of all the documents is good.