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WW 2 - Amazing set to the U-657 U-Boot kapitän Heinrich Göllnitz!! Died in 1943 in Cape Farewell!

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Amazing set to the U-657 U-Boot kapitän Heinrich Göllnitz!! Died in 1943 in Cape Farewell!

We offer you the chance to get a great set that belonged to Heinrich Göllnitz, the Korvettenkapitän who was the commander of the U-657, a Nazi submarine that was sunk 17 May 1943 in Cape Farewell (Greenland) dying all the tripulation of 34 members. Among those was Göllnitz, who died at the age of 33. Among his success was to sink a British 5196 tons ship called Aymeric. He was commander of U-657 for almost 14 months.
Before joining the Kriegsmarine, Göllnitz was part of the tripulation in well known German ships such as the Linienschiff Schleswig-Holstein or Panzerschif Admiral Graf Spee, where he served as officer.

This set comprises:

His Wehrpass in perfect condition. It has his photo in Kriegsmarine uniform. It has plenty of entries of his years in marine schools in different places along Germany. It also mentions his service in different ships and submarines and his decorations, such as EKII. No pages missing.

Various certificates of such as free schwimming diploma, his personal Dienstzeugnisbuch, that mentions all his service in different passenger ships, with all pages present.

Also includes the certificate of having passed the exam of Patente A5 (Seesteuermann auf großer Fahrt) and some letters sent to him with the certificate.

Other less important documents like insurance certificate, and other Karten such as Work office Chemnitz Meldekarte.

A great chance to get a great researcheable set belonging to a U-Boot commander! Scarce!

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