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WW 2 - Impressive set of documents to a secretary of Organisation Todt headquarters in Berlin!

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Impressive set of documents to a secretary of Organisation Todt headquarters in Berlin. This woman, called Gerda Neumann, was a secretary in the main offices of Organisation Todt, the Nazi organisation leaded by Albert Speer. This set comprises several interesting documents that we list:

- Her Deutsche Reichsbahn pass valid until 1945 for Berlin-Wilmersdorf, issued in 1941 and with her photo. Nice ink stamps and condition.

- A rare special Ausweis issued by Organisation Todt central in Berlin to this secretary in 1943 to transit freely inside Brandenburg province and the city of Berlin. Very rare document.

- A temporary postwar Personalausweis issued by Police office in Falkensee in 1946, both in German and Russian, with her photo and her information and nice ink stamp of Falkensee. After the war, Falkensee, since it was in Brandenburg, fell in Soviet hands and that's the reason why this Ausweis is in both languages. Great condition.

- A very rare Soldbuch issued to a this woman (Soldbücher were issued normally to men). Entries with information during her duty in Warsaw in 1942.

- A war period family photo with her husband and sister? Or maybe her brother and her sister-in-law? He is in uniform.

- Her Organisation Todt legit Dienstbuch, with photo and many entries and ink stamps about her duty in this organization during the war in Berlin OT central headquarters and Warsaw break. Very well preserved.

As you can see, a fantastic set of a rather rare branch of the III Reich apparatus. All in great condition and very re searchable!