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WW 2 - NSDAP - Big unfoldable propaganda poster from "Die Parole der Woche" with anti-Semitic american propaganda

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Big unfold able propaganda poster from "Die Parole der Woche" with anti-Semitic propaganda

Big unfold able propaganda poster with anti-Semitic propaganda. Poster asks who is responsible for the second world war, and he points to UK and USA as well as USSR. It shows Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin as highest representatives of those nations that Nazis consider guilty for beginning the war of wars. But it also says that behind those countries are the Jews, who are to be blamed for beginning the terrible war. As you can see, cynicism at its best!

"Die Parole der Woche" was a Nazi propaganda wall newspaper published by the NSDAP, that was well known for its official publications. They published more than 400 numbers between 1936 and 1943.

Big size 120 cm x 83 cm very good condition , you can see also label from "Die Parole der Woche"  on back side , great looking in frame !