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WW 2 - Very rare big bilingual poster with the message of Seyss-Inquart when he was appointed Reichskomissar in the Netherlands!!!

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 We offer for sale this rare big ( 80 cm x 55cm ) bilingual poster like those that hanged from the walls of the different cities of the Netherlands the day the Nazi politician of NSDAP Seyss-Inquart was appointed Reichskomissar in the Netherlands. In this poster addressed to the dutch population, Reichskommisar tells that occupation forces will defend the integrity of the country and its independence. A tricky message that wanted to get the support of the Dutch people to the Nazi cause and soften the fact that they were occupied. Poster is complete and it's written in German and Dutch, and apart from some tears and creases, it's in good condition. It's a very interesting historical item, one of the few that were preserved until today.